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The Morse family

After shooting commercially for Levi (see the shoot here)I was so happy to hear the Morse’s needed family photos. Meet the kids – Spicer, Willow, Orlando and Cleo. They all have very different personalties. They were bold, enthusiastic and spirited. It was sometimes challenging (when everyone passionately wanted to do different things) but it was a bucket load of fun. Cleo (the littlest) has a personality way bigger than her body. She had me wrapped around her little finger. Orlando, the little adventurer… he was busy with sticks, rocks and pinecones and didn’t stay in the one spot for more than a minute. Willow, the nurturer… all she wanted to do was hold her baby sister but independent Cleo wouldn’t have a bar of it. Spicer, now this little one is a thinker. She watched my every move and asked lots of questions. It always amazes me to meet the little people in a family. Mix all that unique individualism together and each family is completely different. It’s an absolute pleasure to notice this and then document it.


morse_5492 morse_5700 morse_5747 morse_5771 morse_5814 morse_5831 morse_5857 morse_5861 morse_5871 morse_5911 morse_5918 morse_5925 morse_5962 morse_6056 morse_6064 morse_6118 morse_6147 morse_6159 morse_6200 morse_6236 morse_6264 morse_6285 morse_6332

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